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Meatless, vegetarian enchiladas

Sweet and Spicy Enchiladas

It’s time for Meatless Monday!!! I’m really enjoying all different meatless, vegetarian meals I’m making. These Sweet and Spicy Enchiladas combine sweet potatoes, beans, salsa, and melted cheese into a delicious meatless meal that is also an easy freezer meal.

Meatless, vegetarian enchiladas

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Meatless Monday-Fried Rice

Today’s Meatless Monday post is going to be very short because quite honestly dinner was a fail.  Not an epic fail, dinner was edible but a fail nonetheless.  I attempted Vegetable Fried Rice.  I like Fried Rice and so does my family but my attempt fell short.  The problem was my rice.  It was WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY to sticky.  I like sticky rice but IT DOES NOT WORK for Fried Rice.  No matter how long I fried it the texture didn’t change if anything it got stickier.  It looked like glop.  Or dog food.  Needless to say I am not sharing the pictures.

I have to give my family credit, they ate it and didn’t complain.  But no one wants the leftovers.  Hopefully next week will be more successful.