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Book Review: Fixer Upper by Mary Kay Andrews and Soup

I LOVE books about women trying to get their lives together while dealing with the chaos of family, career, and love. It doesn’t matter if the women are 25 or 55 the challenges and rewards are similar. When these books, ok some people refer to them as ‘chick lit’, are well written the characters are familiar and feel like a close friend. Mary Kay Andrews is a master at this genre and Fixer Upper doesn’t disappoint.

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Summer Cottage Book Review & Lightened Up Onion Dip

When I was reading Summer Cottage by Susan Kietzman I started thinking about my own family and the time we spend at our family beach house. When we were growing up we spent several weeks to all summer at my Grandparent’s place at Rehoboth Beach. I remember sun & lots of togetherness & on weekends having ‘cocktail hour’, basically the whole family gathered before dinner for snacks  – usually cheese and crackers or if we were lucky onion dip and potato chips- & the adults had ‘adult beverages’. The onion dip was made from a pack of Lipton’s Onion Soup mix and our chips of choice were ruffled. These days, much like the family in the book, we are grown with families of our own and it is unusual for all of us to be at the beach at the same time but when we do we have ‘cocktail hour’ and of course onion dip. In the book they even have a similar evening and serve onion dip!!

healthier onion dip

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Joanne Fluke's Apple Sauce Muffins

Applesauce Muffins and Book Review

I  am a voracious reader!! I LOVE books!!!!  All kinds of books!! And I am constantly reading and typically have more than 1 book going – usually a fiction, a nonfiction that I am not racing to finish, and at least 1 cookbook- and I read both physical books and ebooks. I am a librarian and even when I don’t have my own library I rely heavily on a public library to keep me supplied (mine has ebooks which is AMAZING when I finish a book on a Sunday night or holiday and am DESPERATE for another book) because I can try out a variety and don’t feel the weight of commitment purchasing a book gives me. So what does this rambling have to do with a food blog you are asking? When I read I find myself thinking of food, either because it is a book that includes recipes (and I’m not just talking about cookbooks) or something about it (setting, characters are always eating a specific food, etc.) just leads me to food. Long story short, I’ve decided to devote several posts a month to combining my 2 loves- food and books. I will give a quick review of a book and either make something from it or inspired by it.

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