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TWD:BWJ Chocolate Truffle Tartlets

This week’s Tuesdays with Dorie recipe was Chocolate Truffle Tartlets.  The hosts this week are Steph of A Whisk and a Spoon, Spike of Spike Bakes, Jaime of Good Eats and Sweet Treats, Jessica of Cookbookhabit .  Check out their blogs for the recipe or buy the book Baking With Julia (recipe on pg. 382).

I made these for Valentine’s Day in a mini heart tartlet pan which worked fine.  The crust was a disaster!!  After chilling it was too stiff and hard to work with and I almost gave up.  My daughter insisted I make them so I ended up just pulling and pressing the dough into the pan.  The tart itself mixed up nice but there were A LOT of egg yolks in it.  I ended up using the chocolate I had on hand (semi-sweet and milk chocolate) which suited my family.  The tarts were chocolatey and good.  If I make them again I think I will serve them with sliced strawberries and a little whipped cream.

White Loaves – Tuesdays With Dorie, Baking with Julia

Today is the first Tuesday for the new Tuesdays with Dorie (TWD).  This group is baking through the cookbook Baking With Julia.  I had this cookbook and loved browsing through it but in the years I have owned it I never once tried anything from it.  I really don’t know why I hadn’t baked from it, but it was long past time so when I saw that there was a group baking through it I signed up.

The first recipe, White Loaves, was a great place to start.  I wanted to find a recipe for sandwich bread for my family and this recipe is it.  It mixes up in a mixer (my KitchenAide was up to the challenge but the bowl got stuck) and is easy to make.  The results are well worth the effort, an excellent loaf of bread (well actually 2 loaves) that is perfect for toast or sandwiches.  The day I made it we even ate it with dinner (we couldn’t wait) and I think we ate half a loaf. 

I have already made it twice, it is replacing purchased loaves of bread for lunches in my house.

Recipe Note:  The recipe for TWD:BWJ may be found on the hosts site.  You can find the recipe on the blog Slush or Someone’s In the Kitchen.  Or better yet go buy the book Baking With Julia and join us as we bake.  This recipe is on pgs. 81-82.