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September Audio Books

My audio books have been LONG this month and by long I mean many, many hours of listening. The other similarity between my September Audio books is that they have been historical fiction. I enjoy listening to historical fiction because they are often the books I want to read but find I lack the patience for the descriptions and backstories when I am reading but in an audio book they just flow better.

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Audio Books and A Man Called Ove Book Review

Do you ‘read’ audio books? I never thought I would like an audio book, I enjoy the tactile (feel of a book) and the whole process of reading but there are so many books out there I want to explore and enjoy!! Plus most work days I find myself driving at least an hour and a half (and that is lost reading time), so I decided to give audio books a try…. I have surprised myself and have found I am really enjoying audio books. I try to select books that I have heard good things about & want to read but know that for whatever reason they are way, way down my TBR list.

A Man Called Ove by Fredrik Backman is one of these, everyone is talking about it (1 of my library’s book groups was going to discuss it) but it was far, far down my TBR stack so I listened to it and I’m glad I did!! The narration really helped me enjoy this book! The narrator had a Swedish accent and pronounced all the Swedish word that I would have skipped over if I was reading the book. Plus it immersed me in Ove’s world.

Ove just wants to die but things and people keep getting in the way. He just wants things a certain way, his way, and gets cranky if they are not that way. The descriptions he uses about his neighbors and their behaviors are spot on & you can see exactly what he is talking about. But in the end this curmudgeon has a heart of gold.

This is a reminder that 1st impressions and prickly exteriors may not be what they seem & to look beyond & actually see the person. I didn’t want to like this book and actually abandoned it for a while but when I finally got through it I liked it and in the end it is a 4 star read.