Fire Azaleas in bloom on Applachian Trail at Roan mountain

About Me

Sweet Morning Family at Walt Disney WorldHi, I’m Chris and I am so glad you stopped by!! I live in Tennessee with my amazing husband, Tom, and the rescue dog, Snowball (she’s mainly black so she’s a dirty Snowball but that’s what happens when a 16 year old names the dog), our youngest left with us when she left for college. Our oldest, Betsy, is living at home as she finishes up college while our youngest, Katie, is finishing college over 3 hours away.




Lake life in TennesseeWe moved to Tennessee 2 years ago and bought a house on a lake (the hope was it would entice Katie to come home occasionally), the view is so amazing I never want to leave the house!! When I do leave its to go to the library (I was a librarian before we moved  & need books in my life) or to explore the area. Tom & I are discovering lots of hiking in the area, we are near the Appalachian Trail and the Smokey Mountains, and have time to explore alone now that the girls are grown.

Fire Azaleas in bloom on Applachian Trail at Roan mountain

Sweet Mornings started years ago when I was on a major baking spree. It went on a hiatus when I gained weight and life got busy. I found I missed it and decided to bring it back, Betsy says she’s glad because I’m making different things, she was tired of the food rut we were in.  The focus this time is on all the things that make life good and mornings sweet – good food, good wine, great books, and beautiful places! And of course the people you share them with!!


I hope you will join me as we explore all the things that lead to Sweet Mornings!!!